Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some commonly questions about The Bluffs at Huron

Can I choose any model of home on any lot?

Yes, as long as lots are available you can choose the model of home you like best and your ideal lot.

Can I customize my chosen home model?

Yes. There are many upgrades possible—from plumbing fixtures to premium window shutters and extended back porches. Customize your home to suit your tastes! View optional upgrade features.

What is a land lease home? Do I own my own home?

A land lease home is a home ownership strategy that is in widespread use in the U.S., Europe and Australia and growing in Canada. You own your own home, while leasing the land on which it is located. Your lease is a 21-year lease issued by Parkbridge. It cannot be revoked as long as you own your home and pay the nominal monthly management fees.

Should I decide to sell my home, what happens?

You can sell your home whenever you wish. As The Bluffs grows in popularity, it should appreciate over time.

What are the management fees?

All Parkbridge homeowners pay a moderate monthly maintenance fee that covers use of the swimming pool, the events hall, billiards room, library and all recreation centre facilities.

Note that your property taxes will be lower with a land lease home than they would be with a standard freehold home.

Are there extra fees, for example for Recreation Complex use?

Enjoyment of the Recreation Centre, the Fitness Centre, the Assembly Hall and all of the facilities at The Bluffs is covered in your monthly management fee. Facilities can be booked on a first-come-first-served basis. Forthcoming optional classes such as Aquafit, Yoga and Pilates will be available at a low supplementary cost.

Can I have friends or family stay at my house in my absence?

Your house is your own! You are free to invite whomever you wish, provided that they are respectful of your neighbours and follow the few guidelines that apply to everyone.